Chris Boerner Bio

Born in Durham, NC and raised in Raleigh, NC, Chris Boerner took to music as a young lad picking up the saxophone at age 8. A few years later he traded in that saxophone for a guitar and found his true calling. Starting out playing in rock’n'roll bands in middle and highschool this soon led to more serious study of the guitar in college. At Duke University Chris graduated with a music major concentrating in Jazz and Classical Guitar.

It didn’t take long from then for Chris to become a vibrant member of the Triangle music scene. After a few years playing mostly jazz gigs he turned his focus to original music. He became a founding member of the jazz-hip-hop collective, The Mighty Burners, who released their debut Hot Ones Now in 2004. Working with this band led to a love of recording and producing. Since, he has recorded and produced for nearly every band he’s played with. In 2005 Chris released his debut as a bandleader, the jazz instrument album, Incoming. 

In 2010, he became a full-time member of Grammy nominated, The Foreign Exchange‘s touring lineup leading to many successful national and international tours. Since then this relationship has blossomed into Chris playing on, engineering, mixing, or mastering many of the recent releases on the +FE music label.

Also in 2010, he began working with singer/songwriter Jeanne Jolly. This partnership has yielded two releases (Falling in Carolina 2010, Angels 2012) along with extensive touring of the US.

As a composer, band-leader, and 8-string guitarist Chris formed The Hot at Nights in 2010 with friends Matt Douglas (woodwinds) and Nick Baglio (drums). This fiery instrumental trio now has 3 releases under its belt (Nice Talk 2011, Shibuya Session EP 2011, ¡Try This! 2013).


The Hot @ Nights Bio

The development of The Hot at Nights parallels that of the world’s most potentially destructive climatic occurrence: Global Warming. They are heavily influenced by the origins of jazz at the turn of the century, emblazoned by the raw and unbridled freedom of the 50′s and 60′s, and electrified by the external forcings of the 80′s. Chris Boerner (Foreign Exchange, Jeanne Jolly) on 8-string guitar, Matt Douglas (The Rosebuds, Erin McKeown, Harlequin) on woodwinds, and Nick Baglio (Jeanne Jolly, Foreign Exchange, Jean Morrison) on drums & keyboards make up the triumvirate of change. Even though there is a tiny contingency of Hot at Nights deniers, real and proven science has determined that they do, in fact, exist on a catastrophic level.

Their new album, entitled ¡Try This!represents the next degree of The Hot at Nights’ exploration. Incorporating more penetrative keyboard sounds, stacked and looped saxes and woodwinds, 8-string guitar solos and sounds that rival the aggression of the Prevailing Westerlies, they have advanced the sound of an instrumental trio to a place where the listener is grappling with the origination of the sounds, processing the complexity of rhythm, and trying to control the incessant head nodding that ensues, all while making their best attempts to stay dry under the collar.
¡Try This! is available October 22nd, 2013. Believe it.
The Hot at Nights are Chris Boerner, Matt Douglas, and Nick Baglio. They came together in the Summer of 2010 to explore the sonic possibilities of an 8-string guitar-centered trio. Their first release, Nice Talk, was released in 2011. In 2012, they toured with producer Nicolay (The Foreign Exchange) in support of their collaborative recording Shibuya Session EP, where they played such notable venues as the Blue Note in NYC, Bohemian Caverns in Washington, D.C., and the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City. Look for their 2nd LP, ¡Try This!, in stores and online on October 22nd, 2013.
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