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365 Albums a Year features the Hot @ Nights

via 365 Albums a Year Radio The Hot @ Nights – Come On! Feel the Illinoise • As I have written before on this site, I like Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois. A lot. Every song is masterfully crafted, touchingly written and, perhaps most importantly, tastefully arranged. Such perfectly written songs are easy prey for a cover,…

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The Hot @ Nights in CMJ’s Scene Report

Have to thank my man Nicolay for this one… via The Hot At Nights (Raleigh, NC) is the group of guitarist/producer Chris Boerner. Boerner plays guitar on our records and in our live band, and he mixed and mastered our current live CD/DVD, Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange, a recording of…

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Grown Folks Music recommends “Nice Talk”

via Grown Folks Music We also wanted to put you onto Foreign Exchange guitarist and band mate Chris Boerner. Boerner has been working with The Foreign Exchange since the Leave It All Behind album and a touring member of TFE live since November 2009, and he can also be found on Zo!’s SunStorm & Just…

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The Mixtape Monster Blog

via The Mixtape Monster Blog Just wanted to take the time to hip everyone to a new band that they should know about, The Hot @ Nights. Their new album “Nice Talk” just came out and it’s certainly worth your listen. They play melodic instrumental jazz with a heavy groove and contain several band members…

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