JazzReview.com Reviews “Nice Talk”

“Nice Talk” is the title of the intriguing debut from the jazz trio that goes by the moniker of The Hot @ Nights.  Three piece jazz combos are not highly unusual, but the curious instrumental combination utilized by The Hot @ Nights is an unusual blend.  Chief writer Chris Boerner’s agile improvisation on eight-string guitar, with the added two strings serving to expand the scope and range of his instrument, aids in allowing this unusual configuration to click.  He possesses a keen sense of rhythm with the capacity to be creative at every turn.  The same can be said of Matt Douglas who plays, puffs, honks, and snarls on an assortment of woodwind instruments.  And finally, as with any three-piece group, a powerfully strong drummer is an essential presence.  Nick Baglio is equal to the task efficiently going from brisk rat-a-tats, to tight roll presses, to soft brush work, and adding interspersed cymbal exploits.  Baglio; masterful on his drum kit like a perpetual well-oiled machine, tirelessly works in tandem with, and at times, against the backdrop of the other two musicians.

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Posted on December 12, 2011 in Press

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