Reel Talk Vol. 1: Roxanne vs. Roxette

The Hot at Nights proudly present a new series of free downloads we’ll be offering. Reel Talk is the simple product of the three of us with a 4-track tape machine in my basement – The Burlap Palace. It’s 4 tracks – bass, guitar, drums, and sax – no more, no less. Each volume will feature two songs – covers deconstructed by The Hot at Nights in our own special way.

Vol. 1: Roxanne vs. Roxette – DOWNLOAD NOW (right click and save on some browsers)

1. Listen To Your Heart – Roxette – We’ve taken a lot of liberties here with this song. We wanted to create a giant segway from massive deconstruction to epic ending. The intro is drastically re-harmonized, the verse is in 6/4, and we have some more epic re-harmonization on the chorus. By the time we get to the bridge and final chorus modulation we’re a bit closer to the original.

2. Roxanne – The Police – It’s in 15/8. We’ll leave it at that.


Posted on January 23, 2012 in Downloads

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