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Just wanted to take the time to hip everyone to a new band that they should know about, The Hot @ Nights. Their new album “Nice Talk” just came out and it’s certainly worth your listen. They play melodic instrumental jazz with a heavy groove and contain several band members who have worked with The Foreign Exchange in the past, including Chris Boerner who plays 8 string guitar on this release. Chris was heavily featured on “Authenticity” and can also be found on the new “Dear Friends” release/DVD along with Zo!’s “Sunstorm” and “Just Visiting Three.”

The Monster was fortunate enough to hear the album, and I can personally vouch that it falls in that Foreign Exchange category of “just plain GOOD music.” Please take the time to familiarize yourself as well. Join me in supporting the Foreign Exchange friends and collective that make that great music we all love.

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Posted on July 18, 2011 in Press

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